When you experience problems with your heat pump system, your first thoughts may include repairing or even replacing the unit. Repairs and replacements can be costly and sometimes unnecessary. In many cases, all you may need is HVAC heat pump maintenance. If you do not have a heat pump maintenance schedule, it’s not too late to start. Regular heat pump maintenance offers many benefits, including a longer lifespan on your heat pump HVAC system, lower energy consumption, and better indoor air quality. Your heat pump works hard to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, giving it the TLC it needs. 

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What is Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat pump maintenance is a very important aspect of owning a heat pump in High Point. Without maintaining your heat pump, like everything else, it won’t operate as it should and will cost you more money in the long run. Although a heat pump is a complex machine made up of many different components, conducting residential heat pump maintenance in High Point is very simple. It entails a series of inspections and clean-ups. These inspections help find potential problems before they become serious. Because a heat pump can be used all year round, it is important to make sure it is regularly maintained to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and unwanted breakdowns.

What Happens at a Heat Pump Maintenance Inspection?

When you hire Arnold Jones Services to take care of your heat pump maintenance, we run through a checklist to ensure your service is done safely and effectively. Here is what to expect when we inspect your heat pump: 

  • We conduct safety inspections to ensure that your heat pump is safe to operate and there are no fire or electrocution hazards 
  • We clean the condensate drain, drain line, and condenser coil 
  • All components in your heat pump are checked to see if they are functioning effectively 
  • Air filters are replaced, and the entire system is checked for any leaks 
  • All moving parts are lubricated to reduce friction 
  • Heat pump controls are checked to ensure proper start-ups and shutdowns 

If we find a reason to repair any components, we will first inform you of what needs repairs and what it will cost before moving forward so that you don’t have any costly surprises.

Reasons to Keep Up with Heat Pump Maintenance

Paying money for an annual heat pump maintenance service even though there is nothing wrong with it may seem unnecessary and wasteful. However, sticking to your maintenance schedule has many benefits. Here is why you should keep to your regular maintenance schedule: 

  • Regular HVAC heat pump maintenance can prolong the life of the unit. 
  • Preventing your heat pump from breaking down is far better than repairing it after it has failed you. This is because damaged components affect the condition of other components in the system, causing even more damage.  
  • Regular residential heat pump maintenance can keep your unit clean, resulting in lower energy consumption, and a lower utility bill at the end of the month. 
  • When your heat pump system is clean, it improves the quality of the air inside your home. Cleaning removes dust and mold that can cause health issues.

Maintaining Your Heat Pump the DIY Way

Before you think about what your heat pump compressor replacement cost will be, a lot can be done to prevent your compressor from needing a replacement. Here are some things you can do in between the regular maintenance that is done by Arnold Jones Services: 

  • Clean or exchange air filters At least once a month 
  • Remove dirt and debris from the outdoor unit to allow sufficient airflow 
  • Clean supply and return registers from dust 
  • Inspect and clean outdoor coils regularly
  • Check and clear ice build-up on the outdoor unit for proper airflow

Reliable Heat Pump Maintenance in High Point, NC

When it comes to residential and commercial heat pump maintenance in High Point, there is no better place to go than Arnold Jones Services. We specialize in heat pump maintenance of all brands, makes, and models. We also conduct high-efficiency heat pump maintenance. Our team of technicians stands ready to help you benefit from a regular maintenance schedule for your heat pump. For fast and effective service that you can rely on, Arnold Jones Services is your first call.

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