It can be distressing when your furnace leaves you in the lurch on a cold day when you need it most. Unfortunately, appliances tend to break down when they work hardest. For your furnace, this is in the middle of winter when the temperatures drop below freezing. While we can’t guarantee that this won’t even happen to you, Arnold Jones Services can lower the chances of it happening. If you have experienced some snowy days in North Carolina, you know how important a furnace is. A broken furnace will do you no good. You need a reliable HVAC contractor in Greensboro. Arnold Jones Services is here for you!

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Our Furnace Repair in Greensboro, NC

If you notice inadequate heating or increased utility bills, your furnace could be the reason. There are a number of different causes of a faulty or broken furnace. Here are some of the possible causes:

Thermostat Issues

One of the most common reasons why your heater is broken is a faulty thermostat. If your fan seems to run, but you don’t feel the heat, it could be that your thermostat is malfunctioning. Before calling for heating repair services in Greensboro, try setting your fan to AUTO and ensure that the correct temperature is set on your thermostat. If your home is still not at the right temperature after trying these steps, you can call Arnold Jones Services. We will have your furnace’s thermostat working again.

Incorrect Air Filters

A prevalent issue in an HVAC system is a buildup of dirt. Dirt can create serious problems for your furnace. At times, this dirt makes its way into your home and causes allergies. That is why an air filter is so important. It is essential that you have the correct-sized air filter for your specific HVAC model. Having the wrong air filter can lead to a heating system that is clogged with dirt. Contact Arnold Jones Services, and we will ensure that you have the right air filter size for the future. Filters need to be changed every 3 months or as often as needed. 

Faulty Pilot Light 

A pilot light is used to ignite the gas in your furnace so that it can heat your home. If something is preventing your pilot light from igniting, your furnace won’t work properly. Your pilot light should be blue. If it is yellow, flickering constantly, or clogged with dirt, it won’t do its job. If your pilot light is damaged, Arnold Jones Services can replace it in no time and have your furnace back up and running as soon as possible. You know who to call for furnace repair in Greensboro.

Unpleasant Sounds from Your Furnace

Ongoing rattling or grinding noises could mean that there are loose parts in your furnace. Our skilled team of technicians can try to tighten these loose parts. If the problem persists and your furnace is over the age of 15 years, you could be due for a furnace replacement soon. This is especially true if the noises get louder and your furnace stops working efficiently as a result. Contact us for reliable HVAC repairs. We will give you an honest rundown of your furnace’s issues, and our solution to the problem.

Constant Cycling

If your furnace keeps switching on and off despite recently finishing a cycle, it could be a thermostat issue, a clogged filter, or another problem. This issue will also result in higher utility bills. When you call us for furnace repair services in Greensboro, you can be sure that our technicians will find the source of your over-cycling and find the perfect solution.

Furnace Maintenance in Greensboro, NC

As we said earlier, it is impossible to stop these problems completely, but with regular furnace maintenance, we can certainly lower the chances of these problems. Furnace tune-ups are great for extending the lifespan of your unit, decreasing your utility bills, and improving your indoor air quality. Contact Arnold Jones Services for your furnace maintenance in Greensboro, NC.

Who to Call for Furnace Repairs in Greensboro?

As a licensed and experienced HVAC contractor in Greensboro, you can trust us to rid your furnace of problems. We take your comfort seriously and want your furnace to be there for you on those icy winter days. If you are looking for reliable furnace services in Greensboro, you can count on Arnold Jones Services to provide them. 

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