It’s hot during the summer, and when the temperatures reach the 90s in Greensboro, NC, there may be nothing worse than coming home to a hot house because the air conditioner has stopped working. In fact, it may be necessary to call an emergency air conditioning company for immediate help because it can be dangerous to be in high temperatures without relief.

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Emergency Air Conditioning in Greensboro, NC | Arnold Jones Services

Signs Repairs Are Needed

A complete failure of the AC system is not the only sign that repairs are needed. Some of the other signs to call for emergency AC service include the following. 

Strange Noises or Smells

Odd noises or smells could be a sign that something major is wrong, like a refrigerant leak, and it may only be a matter of time before the system stops working. At the first sign of anything unusual, it’s a good idea to have the system repaired. 

Significantly Reduced Performance

If the air conditioner suddenly starts to have trouble keeping the home cool, it could be any number of issues. Rapid cycling, turning on and off quickly, or only cooling portions of the home can indicate issues that require emergency air conditioning assistance. 

Water Leaking

Clogs in the air conditioner can cause it to freeze, which can lead to condensation dripping from it. When there is water leaking, whether it’s from this issue or something else, it needs to be fixed fast to prevent not only further AC issues but also water damage to the home. 

Issues Turning On

If your air conditioner seems to have trouble turning on or doesn’t turn on every time it expected, it’s time to call an emergency air conditioning company in Greensboro. If the issue gets worse, the air conditioner could fail to turn on at all. 

Tripping Breakers

Breakers are designed to provide electricity where it’s needed and will trip if they detect anything wrong with the flow of electricity. If the breaker trips once, it can typically be reset. If it trips again, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with the electrical components in the air conditioner, and it needs to be repaired right away. 

When Is It an Emergency?

Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to determine when an issue requires emergency AC service and when it’s something that can wait a day or two to be fixed. If the air conditioning isn’t turning on at all, it requires emergency air conditioning service, as it can quickly become uncomfortable inside without air conditioning. 

If the air conditioner is struggling to turn on, leaking, or making any odd noises, it could require emergency AC repair, as these can be signs of major issues. It’s also important to call for emergency assistance if there are any signs of electrical issues, like breakers tripping, as they can lead to an electrical fire. When in doubt, request emergency assistance. 

Preventing Emergency Issues

Is it possible to prevent the need for emergency air conditioning service? Sometimes it is. Proper care of the air conditioner through regular maintenance done by a professional can help reduce the potential for anything to go wrong. 

Calling at the first sign of anything that’s wrong can also help prevent the need for emergency air conditioning assistance since issues will be taken care of before they get worse. While it’s not possible to prevent every potential problem, maintenance and attention to issues can help reduce the chances that something major will go wrong. 

Get Emergency Air Conditioning Assistance in Greensboro, NC

When your air conditioner isn’t working right, emergency air conditioning repair may be needed to keep your home cool. Arnold Jones Services offer expert emergency air conditioning assistance, and our team is ready to help the moment something goes wrong. Our team has extensive training, so we can figure out the cause of any issues. We’ll make sure the problem is completely fixed so that you don’t have to worry about it reoccurring. If you need any type of emergency AC repair, be sure to let us know. 

We can help with any emergency air conditioning repair that your system may need to help keep you cool no matter how hot it gets this summer. If you need any help, contact Arnold Jones Services online or call us at (336) 742-0629 right away.